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It’s Lit Candles® is a small craft business specializing in soy candles, hand made with love, peace, soul and a sprinkle of magic. Our company is committed to ensuring that anyone who purchases an It’s Lit Candles® piece enjoys the scent, packaging, ingredients and most importantly, the burn life of their special-made candle.

After ending up with a collection of artificially scented candles, Founder and CEO, Sharice Bryant wondered why she had spent so much money on such harmful and environmentally unsafe candles when she could create healthy and organic ones thus It’s Lit Candles® was born!

Hand poured by Sharice and her team, It’s Lit Candles® pieces cater to the minimalist community, using natural soy wax made from American grown soybeans, natural scents and cleansed with smudging. With an independent philosophy, we believe in creating a wholesome and soothing experience for you and your home.

It's Lit Candles ®